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Our Other Products:
Nex Flow™ Products
Nex Flow™ Products : KJN Enterprises is a licensee of Nex Flow™ Air Products based in Toronto, Canada - The products offered by Nex Flow™ are unique and find application in: Blow-off, Spot and Panel Cooling, Conveying, Static control and Industrial Housekeeping. We manufacture many of their products at our factory in Mumbai thus assuring you of international quality at local prices. Some products that we do not manufacture here are imported from them.
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KJN Products
Fixed / Standard Air Amplifier
KJN Products : A manufacturer and trader of innovative pneumatic products for more than 30 years. We have an exhaustive range of products that cover almost all industry categories ranging from Heavy Engineering (Steel, Refractories, Fertilizers, etc.) to Plastics, to Food and Pharma. We are very well known in the Defense establishment, ,Pneumatic Vibrators and Valves supplied to them.
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NAVCO Products
NAVCO Products : We are exclusive agents of National Air Vibrations Company (NAVCO) based in Houston, USA – NAVCO offers products in the field of Vibratory Aid’s. From their product line we offer Pneumatic Piston, Rotary Vibrators and Vibratory Aids. We follow NAVCO’s unique procedure by which we study your material flow problems and use a proprietary bin-mapping procedure to suggest the most suitable solution to solve any material flow problem.
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